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A deep dive into EFT POS transaction switching: Why Switch39 is the Future

The world of retail is evolving, and one area witnessing a rapid transformation is payment processing. For large retailers and acquiring banks, the conventional method of single-acquirer transactio ...

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Why multi-acquirer payment solutions are the future for large retailers?

Today we're diving into a hot topic that's gaining momentum among large retailers: the need for multi- Read More

ISO8583 host-to-host or POS-to-host?

At first glance it may look like a good idea to reuse an existing POS link to integrate a remote host, but protocol differences assure that the resulting service will have a significantly smaller u ...

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Compliance consultations

Payment regulatory and schemes compliance / business consultancy

As a part of this stream, we offer high level strategic advice on regulatory (payments) compliance and card s ...

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Through our blog posts so far we introduced you to the transaction processing, we talked a bit about PCI DSS compliance and its benefits, now we are scratching the surface and diving a bit deeper. ...

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