About Us

Who is F39?

Field39 was founded in April 2020. right after the once in 100 years earthquake. The idea was to create the world payment technology powerhouse in Croatia. If you ever wondered how financial transactions work, what it takes to pay with your card or other method of payment, Field39 is the place where you can find all about it.

At Field39 we follow the "Radical Candor" approach, no bs and no glass ceilings. We always strive for transparency and clear communication to help our employees grow and become better in all aspects of their lives. We take work life balance seriously.

Being a technology company, we try to follow industry best practices, but not blindly, we are the domain experts and we know what works best within the domain in which we operate. Hype driven development is not what we do, so you will not see us coming out with a new JavaScript framework each quarter. What we do is hard, it's not something that can be learned "on the street", and we take pride in that.

Our Mission

We strive to simplify and enhance payment processing capabilities across industries, ensuring every transaction is seamless, reliable, and swift. Our mission is to make advanced payment technologies accessible to all, enabling clients to save on costs, grow their operations, and foster innovation.

Our Vision

We aim to set new standards in payment processing by offering secure, robust technology, and a user-centric platform that drives efficiency and growth for businesses of all sizes. Through Cloud39, we envision a future where every payment is an opportunity for innovation, growth, and seamless financial exchange.