Switch39 is a state-of-the-art payment software solution designed to modernize and simplify the integration of POS devices with legacy authorization systems. Simplified integration, smart routing and SaaS option is making payment processing seamless and efficient.

Switch39 Key Features

  • Multi-Acquiring Capability: Facilitates multiple routes to acquiring institutions, ensuring uninterrupted service and improved cost control.

  • Cloud-native: Designed for cloud environments, supporting scalability and high availability with containerization in mind available as a SaaS and on premise installation.

  • P2PE Support: Adapts to different P2PE POS specifications for secure data handling in authorization messages.

  • Simplified Integration: Translates POS protocols into legacy system protocols, enabling easy HTTP API integrations.

  • Strong Cryptography: Ensures secure transactions with advanced encryption.

  • Error Handling: Offers physical and logical link switching in case of errors and implements network administration messaging.

  • Developer Accessibility: Makes bank link integrations as straightforward as developing a web shop, requiring only basic web development skills.

  • POS Integration: Utilizes a simple JSON protocol over HTTPS for easy and secure POS device integration.

  • Auto-Enrollment for POS: Supports various key enrollment methods, including DUKPT for enhanced security.

  • Embedded POS Support: Enables full message encryption for embedded environments, ensuring secure communications even in non-P2PE compliant devices.

  • Micro Transport Support: Implements Mastercard Global Transit standard, allowing aggregation of microtransactions for competitive advantage.

  • Merchant and Acquirer Integration: Offers a two-way HTTPS/JSON API for real-time transaction sync and insights, along with flexible acquirer integration using ISO8583.

  • Dashboard: comprehensive administration and monitoring interface for simple and easy sytem management and reporting.

Switch39 Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency

    Reduces the cost and complexity multi acquiring setup.

  • Scalability

    Easily scalable supporting modern deployment strategies.

  • High Availability

    Ensures service continuity with health-check routes and traditional HA tools compatibility.

  • Security

    Enhances transaction security with support for both software and hardware cryptographic operations.

  • Businesses seeking to take control of their payment infrastructure.

  • Companies aiming for high availability and scalability in their payment systems with improved cost benefit performance.

Switch39 Price

What you see is what you pay. Once tokenized, you store payment data in our vaults for free.


Contact us for personalized solutions tailored to your needs

customized pricing
  • PCI DSS SaaS or on premise
  • Custom development
  • Ccustom infrastructure setup
  • Bespoke integrations
  • Multiple merchant portal
  • Optional build-transfer model
  • Switching and Conversion
  • Dedicated support with SLA
  • P2PE support
  • H2H and P2H support