Field39: Empowering Retailers and ISOs at Money2020 Amsterdam

Published by Josip Povreslo on 15. May, 2024

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We are thrilled to announce our participation at Money2020 in Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious events in the payment industry. This year, Field39 is coming better prepared, armed with a more robust arsenal to showcase our latest innovations. Our new PCI DSS Level 1 cloud payment platform is designed to equip retailers, merchants, and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

In recent times, several challenges have highlighted the need for more empowerment and flexibility within the payment industry:

Vendor Lock-In:

Many businesses find themselves trapped with a single vendor, limiting their ability to adapt and grow.

Risk Management by Providers:

Instances where large payment providers have shut down businesses to mitigate risks within their portfolios have caused

significant disruptions, even when the businesses themselves were not the source of the risk.

Lagging Feature Development:

As the market evolves, payment providers often struggle to keep up with the latest features and innovations, leaving businesses at a disadvantage.

Market-Specific Solutions:

Each market has unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach is often insufficient. Uniform global solutions fail to address these nuances,

leading to dissatisfaction with even the largest payment processors.

Field39 recognizes these challenges and is committed to providing a solution that addresses these issues head-on.

Our new cloud payment platform is designed to offer greater flexibility, security, and feature parity, ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly and effectively without the constraints imposed by traditional payment providers.

Take any of our products from the cloud and run it on your own infrastructure, own it!

Meet us at Money2020 Amsterdam to learn more about how Field39 can help your business overcome these challenges and seize new opportunities in the payment industry.

Discover the power and freedom that our PCI DSS Level 1 cloud payment platform can bring to your operations.

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