PCI DSS or not to PCI DSS

Published by Josip Povreslo on 03. April, 2024

Dive Into PCI DSS and How Saveguard39 Helps Startups Fly

Ever dreamt of launching a startup in the payment world, but got scared off by a monster called PCI DSS? It’s like a huge maze of rules for keeping credit card info safe, but it's super complex and pricey to follow. That’s a big hurdle for startups.

The Challenge: PCI DSS

Getting your startup to comply with PCI DSS is like trying to solve a giant puzzle with thousands of pieces. It's crucial for safety but can feel like building a rocket ship with a manual in an alien language. This is a major speed bump for young companies with big ideas but not enough resources.

Saveguard39 to the Rescue!

Imagine a magic wand that makes the PCI DSS dragon much less scary. Saveguard39 is a nifty tool that takes on the heavy lifting of keeping payment data safe, so you don't have to sweat the details.

The Cool Part: Your Team, Your Code

Here’s the kicker: With Saveguard39, companies aren't just dodging the compliance headache; they get to build their payment systems their way. Companies can have their own teams develop custom integrations with banks, and yes, they get to keep and control their code. It’s like playing in the payment big leagues while still owning your playground.

Game-Changer Alert!

Saveguard39 isn’t just making life easier; it’s opening doors for more innovation in payments. By removing the compliance beast from the equation, companies can focus on creating awesome products. And with the power to develop their bank integrations, they’re in the driver's seat, speeding from idea to launch faster than ever.

Pricing starts from 0 (zero)/month too!

Bottom Line

PCI DSS doesn’t have to be a dream crusher for payment startups, thanks to Saveguard39. It handles the security maze, letting startups build cool stuff with their own rules. It’s about bringing more smart payment options into our lives, without the usual compliance nightmares. With Saveguard39, the future of payments looks bright and a whole lot more fun!

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