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Published by Josip Povreslo on 18. January, 2023

Payment regulatory and schemes compliance / business consultancy

As a part of this stream, we offer high level strategic advice on regulatory (payments) compliance and card scheme compliance, market assessments, technology reviews, supplier selection, buy/sell side investment support, plus go to market assistance in the payment compliance area. We use “smart compliance” approach in our work.

We perform end-to-end consultancy on all business and technical aspects & business models within payments industry.

Covered areas are banking, Payment including PayTech and FinTech. This consultancy stream particularly includes the following areas:

  • card payments (Issuing, Acquiring, mobile, Ecommerce, ATM all Acquiring channels and Issuing products globally),
  • alternative payment methods (APIs, domestic APIs and domestic schemes)
  • other (real time) payment methods such as SEPA, SDD, SDC.

Furthermore, we can advise and propose different business and technical models, setup, and operational solutions for any of your payment business models - from strategical to operational (business as usual) level.

Depending on level of support you need, we will propose optimised solution for your business to support your growth plans.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders within the sector including:

  • Acquirers
  • Issuers
  • Banks
  • Payment Service Providers, ISPO, Payment facilitators, Merchant enablers
  • E-money / PI licensed companies,
  • Retail Merchants
  • PayTech / FinTech companies
  • ​Investors 

AML consultancy

As a part of this stream, we offer high level strategic advice on Anti-money laundering process and tools including technology reviews, supplier selection, buy/sell side investment support.

We offer:

  • Business and technical consultancy and operational assistance which involves proposal for setup, evaluation of the client’s AML/CFT/PF risks and status / level of compliance, and
  • AML/CFT process compliance review (e.g. pre-audit work; “simulation” of AML audit; with proposal of remediation actions)
  • Consultancy services for setting up the new AML/CFT supervisory framework (smart compliance approach)
  • professional training and strategic advice to Governments, NGOs Criminal Justice agencies and financial & economic regulators in the areas of AML & CFT, anti-corruption, financial investigation
  • managing of outsourced AML processes (covering operational work for AM) on behalf of Client

Payment antifraud, intelligence & Risk management consultancy

As a part of this stream, we offer consulting on payments related fraud & risk in card payments.

This stream includes proposing of best anti-fraud monitoring model based on Client’s need. This consultancy includes risk assessments of monitoring and anti-fraud related internal controls, and anti-fraud training.

In case of need, we offer support on

  • Fraud response plans
  • General Fraud risk assessments (as a part of preparation for Payment schemes’, Supervisor’s or Government’ Audits).

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