Apply for Cloud39 Beta

Cloud39 is a unique offering of payment services in the cloud that can enable any business to introduce own services and payment infrastructure without the need to invest significant assets.

With our SaaS offering and pricing model not related to transactions it is perfect for pay as you grow approach. But, before we launch in production, we offer exclusive access to our platform for free during beta testing phase, based on the selection principle. Use this form to apply for any of our services. We will review your application and get back to you with our feedback and instructions.

IPG39 internet payment gateway

Cashless39 : closed loop payments

SaveGuard39 : PCI DSS L1 proxy service

What do you get in this beta?
All platforms:

  • Access to the platform with sandbox environment
  • Ability to build your own integration and features
  • Email support

BETA trial time frame: 60 days